Formed in 1976 Manning River Canoe Club was set up initially to cater for the strong interest of people interested in canoeing, particularly school students in the Manning Valley. Since that time the interests of members has diversified into general outdoor activities, particularly bushwalking.

Canoeing activities range from placid flat water day trips in quite backwaters primarily to view the variety of vegetation, wildlife and landscape generally right through to the roughest white water trips. Trips run from only a few hours in an afternoon through full day excursions to extended week long journeys through rough wilderness country.

Bushwalking likewise is not limited to travelling through untracked wilderness enjoyed by only the few purists with strong backs and a rugged fitness. Walks undertaken include a historical tour of Cundletown, climbing to the tops of various hills in the district, walking or swimming down mountain streams on very hot summer days, strolling along old forestry trails enjoying the rainforest, visiting isolated beaches to view wildflowers in spring to five day treks through the Snowy Mountains high plains.

All activities are graded from the beginner right through to the advanced and experienced who read a map, use a compass or paddle a kayak in white water. There are those in the club who are experienced at such events. Knowledge or age is not a requirement to participate. The oldest tackling the roughest of white water trips is 78. Bushwalkers also range in age from 10 to the same 78 year old. If you don’t know how to, members are only too willing to show you what they know. They will even give you a chance to have a go ensuring you don’t come to any harm.

Mixed in amongst the canoeing and bushwalking is the occasional mountain bike ride and social events. The club maintains an old forestry hut and a spit roast in a clearing on the banks of a crystal clear mountain makes for a very relaxing weekend. The main objective of the club is to enjoy the outdoors, have a good time, and come back to show pictures to make everyone else envious.